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    Noticed water on the floor when I went to the garage and knew it was the AH😐. Looked inside the return grill and its dripping water. My options are limited so I took of the cap to the trap off and water started to drain. Repeat the process. Started unit, checked outside drain looks good to me. Took the cap off while unit is running saw water draining. Seems like it could work? if it doesn't work hook up the vac? I wanted to vac the water out of the pan but to much noise this late and looked for a quick fix. What would you guys do? Trying learn some new tricks!

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    Could be a couple of things. What side of the trap was the cap on? When you took the cap off and it started draining was the unit fan on or off and was the unit cover on? Was water inside unit drain pan or external drain pan?
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