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    15 years ago, I vaguely remember using PI and Ohms law, what for I do not remember. Going through it all again, I don't ever see the PI formula mentioned, I do see Ohms law, but no real specific uses? Does anyone use these for electrical troubleshooting?

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    Pi is not used for electricity except MAYBE for figuring wire diameters.

    Pi is usually for figuring circular areas and volumes.
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    May be asking about E = P/I, or E(volts) = P(power) divided by I(current). Its a variation, or derivative, of Ohm's Law.

    One example of using it would be with heating elements. Where you have two known values and are figuring out the third.

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    It may be used for heating if customers want to confirm unit is performing as per spec (been asked this one once)
    Sizing a transformer if you know volt and amperage.
    Sizing a fuse for a transformer

    Many use that I forgot

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