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    Long story short: there was inadequate return for the system, so it was being stifled. They installed 2 new returns, and we're cooling well it seems. Time will tell, but it is night and day compared to how the system performed before. Thank you for the recommendations.

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    Originally posted by Steve Wiggins
    I'm a little curious rollo.....

    Did you request and pay for a diagnosis from a PERSON that holds a state license?


    Did you request and pay for a diagnosis from a company that employs a license holder but that person that actually held the license didn't perform the service?


    Did you just call for a free estimate and have a salesman show up to price quote you a new system?
    Was the above question ever answered? I wouldn't offer any suggestions on how to fix it unless it was from a licensed contractor. I get so tired of trying to do it the right way and having "side guys" underbid and make it hard on the rest of us. Sorry, just venting.

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