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    ultra low temp scientific freezers

    Hello, I am seeking some expert opinion. I have to purchase an ultra low temperature freezer (-80C) for a scientific lab. I recently was warned by a friend (who actually knows as much about freezers as I do almost nothing) that in the past all good freezers used the same, reliable compressor manufacturer, which quit making them about 5 years ago. Since then, rumor has it that none of the new freezers are reliable. So, I was advised to purchase an older, used freezer instead of a new one. Is there any basis to this rumor? If so, what year did they go bad? If not, do you have any option about the most reliable ULT freezer maker?

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    I know of a manufacture that shut down one of their plants in Mexico about five or six years ago but they didn't stop making their compressors.

    Do you know who this manufacture was? And if you buy an old one and the compressor goes out what are you going to do then?

    I don't work on anything below -30 so maybe someone else will be along with more knowledge about the ultra low temp units.

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    if you buy an older one check which refigerants are in it, only thing Ive heard about compressors is that bristol no longer makes refrigeration compressors,but copeland and tecumseh still do. dont know what your particular application is but you can check Thermotron and thermal product solutions, if you have some thing special they may be able to design one for youor you can contact them and tell them what you are doing and offer a suggestion to fit your needs. back to the refrigerant issue if it has older refrigerants in it and it has a problem you will need to convert it to new refrigerants which will usaully involve compressor replacement , or you can pay alot of money and buy the obsolete refrigerants and repair it

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    thermotron make good stuff ....... get your wallet out though
    it was working.... played with it.... now its broke.... whats the going hourly rate for HVAC repair

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    Kendra laboratories makes some cryo coolers that we work on in med labs. They are kinda a pain to work on but great customer support. Idk how big you're needing though

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