HVAC Comfortech 2006 Seminar Tracks
Learn from the leaders and exchange ideas with the best in the business during Comfortech's educational sessions.

Track 1: Business Management Seminars

Building Value To Power Your Exit Strategy
Brandon G. Jacob, CPA - Contractors Financial Opportunity

How To Create A Profitable Culture
Don Kardux, Business Navigators, Inc
Cherri Marrese, Air Conditioning By Jay

Action Plans - The Difference Between Day Dreams And A Real-World Business Plan
Vickie & John LaPlant, Vital Learning Experiences

Hispanics & HVAC: How To Reach Out, Recruit, And Train
Valerie Stakes, Multilingual Training Solutions

Why It's Advantageous To Pay Your Employees Based On Performance
Russ Puckett, Atlas Butler

Finding New Employees: Unique Interview And Review Processes That Work
Milt Baum, Keil Heating & Air Conditioning
Nita Brooks, International Service Leadership (ISL)

Benchmarking Your Business Using Financial Ratios
Jamie Leichter, Easy Street, Inc.

Implementing New Software Into Your Business
Steve Saunders, Tempo Mechanical
David Heimer, Service Roundtable

How To Coach For Success
Roger Daviston, The Daviston Group

How to Finally Get Paid What You Are Really Worth
David Holt, Profit Strategies, Inc.

People Power: How to Find, Nurture & Develop
Your Greatest Competitive Asset
Bill Raymond, Frank & Lindy Plumbing & Heating, Nexstar Network

Track 2: Sales & Marketing Seminars

Lead Generation Through Strategic Alliances
Lorraine Ball, Roundpeg

Improving Sales Performance By Understanding Ourselves & Others
Tom Piscitelli, Applied learning Systems

Selling & Marketing Quality Home Comfort Award-Type Projects
Joel Sigman, Sigman Heating & Air Conditioning
Glen Gobel, Consultant

How To Choose The Right Customer To Keep
Chris Colditz, Laco Mechanical Services

Super Colossal Sales Performance Enhancement
Drew Cameron, HVAC Sellutions

Publicity & Stealth Marketing Summit
Tom Peric, Galileo Communications, Inc.
Blaine Fox, ServiceMark

Track 3: Technical Seminars

Why Do We Condemn Cracked Heat Exchangers?
Steve Miles, Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning

Make System Testing Profitable
Jim Davis, National Comfort Institute
Vince Difilippo, Difilippo's Service Co.

Duct Design 101: Back To The Basics
Paul Wiebolt, Tradesman Heating and Air Conditioning

Variable Speed Technology: Changing The Industry & Providing New Profit Opportunities
Christopher Mohalley, HVAC DYNAMICS LLC.

Air Infiltration & Insulation: Their Role In Your Customers' Comfort
Frank Spevak, Energy Conservatory
Bruce Manclark, Delta-T, Inc.

Track 4: Business Opportunity Sessions

Buying A Franchise: Is It Right For My Business?
Hosted by DaflureSelling

Indoor Air Quality
Hosted by Emerson

Future Success Requires Looking Back
Hosted by Equiguard

Using Financing As A Sales Tool: Success Strategies To Increase Sales And Crank Up Your Business
Hosted by GE

Making Money With Cleaner, Quieter Air!
Hosted by Johns Manville

Employee Satisfaction, Customer Satisfaction And Profitability: You Can Have It All
Hosted by Nexstar