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Thread: Lennox 40 ton?

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    Quote Originally Posted by B1978 View Post
    This is an SGA480. I will go the powerhead route tomorrow. And correct the charge back to the nameplate.
    Check your charge first. Reclaim it into a clean bottle and weigh it out. Check to ambient for air.

    4 power caps on a new Lennox ? I guess it's possible but highly unlikely. Ive changed maybe 4 power caps in 10 years and I think 2 TXVs.

    And to come across a new unit with all 4 valves bad ??

    Its almost never the TXVs and the power caps I condemned lost their charge due to the cap rubbing on part of the machine.

    Restrictions are caught in the driers 99% of the time and too many good TXVs get tossed because of bad driers or airflow issues or some other tech has adjusted them out incorrectly.

    You might want to check that too if they're adjustable but that would mean another tech before you monkeyed with all four valves.

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    I will check to see if anyone has adjusted them. I changed two txvs on a pretty new Lennox 10 ton a while back. I will check the driers to, I checked the piping schematic and they are hidden in a compartment above the heat exchanger.

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    check temp drop across drier. I have had plugged driers on LGA before

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