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    Dallas - Office Building Engineer Needed

    Office Building Engineer position in Dallas, Tx - we need you by the 1st of September...

    HVAC experience with technical training preferred - job requires general maintenance in plumbing, electrical, fire/safety and security, construction... perform equipment preventive maintenance and handle tenant service calls. Must be honest/reliable, enjoy working with a team and have a great customer service attitude.

    The Dallas portfolio is owned by a small investment group, headquartered out of state. You will work with a local engineering and property management team, but need to work well on your own as well as with a supportive team.

    Good benefits - educational support available.

    Position opening is confidential. Please include your e-mail address with your response.

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    right, here! in the heartland of the homeland!


    whats the pay range, what are the requirements, what would on be doing what experience , looking for?
    do u have an email addy?
    or a fax number?
    i will forward my resume to you, if you leave or post your email address in your profile or here if possible!
    Thanks, nighter1@ with no spaces or capitol sized letters.
    is there ny relocation asistance? or terms avail?

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    Ft. Worth, TX


    This sounds interesting... xenunix_@_yahoo_._com is my email addy ( without the _'s ).

    Currently do maintenance for a large chain of stores.

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    Howell, Michigan
    Are you a professional head hunter?

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    Hey Bob... no, not a head hunter. Representing the ownership of an office/retail portfolio in Dallas. We prefer to hire staff members to ensure better quality control. If you're interested, or know of someone in the area, please let me know.

    Thanks. OBM

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