I am a small HVAC Contractor in Texas and I do a lot of R410a work.

Being that there are a lot of R22 to R410a conversions going on right now (possible R22 contamination) and that R410a is also a zeotropic blend, I like the idea of being able to rule out refrigerant purity issues and/or non condensibles in the system, right away.

Furthermore, with the rising price of R-22, I would like to know if an R-22 system has been charged with propane (R-290) or one of the propane/HC blends such as R-22a.

The only refrigerant analyzers for the field that I know of, would be the PurCheck line from Bacharach.

Number one, has anyone used one. If so, how well did they work?

Number two, if you have used one, was it the PurCheck or the PurCheck Pro.

Both the PurCheck and the PurCheck Pro detect the three refrigerants that I need (R22, R410a, and occasionally R134a), so I my initial reaction was to save the money and go with the cheaper model. (The pro model offers a very large refrigerant detection palate at two to three times the cost)

But it is my understanding that the base PurCheck model doesn't do that good of a job at R410a analysis... IE, it will say probable R410a but it will not accurately determine if the blend is within spec.

If anyone has experience with either, I would appreciate any feedback that you could offer.