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    Current Models of A/C, Coil and furnace are as follows:
    Allegiance 10 7A0048A100A0 manufacture date 9/96
    American Standard TXHC41A4H9A0 MFR DATE “L32”

    What would the SEER rating be on this mismatch? what is the efficiency of the mismatch vs a matched ac and coil?

    the AC is a 10 SEER, with the unit being 10 years old and mistched what SEER do you think it is running at. This will help be decided if a upgrade is worth it.

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    If its not in the ARI guide, there is no way to know...

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    so i guess that means not in the guide

    i wonder why the american standard AC is not in the guide.

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    That match will work fine you want better performance add a TEV.

    The truth is you will never know what the true SEER of any system regardless of ARI rating.

    SEER rating is based on laboratory conditions never to be reached in the field.

    Depending on your geographical location spending money oh higher ratted equipment may make sense.

    True performance of any system begins and ends with proper ductwork both supply side and return side. If your ductwork isn't properly sized sealed insulated and installed the most efficient equipment made will not function properly.

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    Locaton is Houston Texas

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    Also known as a TXV - thermostatic expansion valve. More precisely regulates refrigerant flow into evap despite different press / temp conditions indoors and out.

    Given the long cooling season and high humidity in Houston, investment to improve efficiency of AC is probably warranted, depending on electric rate and building size, thermostat setpoint.

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    The primary function of a txv is to maintain a constant superheat.
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    If system components have not been tested and rated, there is no way of knowing what you will wind up with on efficiency or capacity.

    System rating is relevant, so it does not matter if you can absolutely tell what SEER or capacity a system is. If a system with matched components is supposed to be 13 SEER and in actuallity is 10% less, then that same system with unrated components is going to be 10% less then whatever that combination may have achieved in the first place.

    Unrated systems are a crap shoot. Rated but untested system matches is nearly as bad. Stick with manufacturer's ratings of same manufacturer rated components. They are the only components that are actually tested and rated.
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