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    Hmm Trane XL - 90 Service Alerts

    I want to find out if My Trane XL - 90 Installed in 1992. Has any service alerts regarding the Blower Motor? The company that installed the Furnace had me wait three months before installing my furnace. They said that the XL - 90s Heat exchanger had a problem with corosion, and he wanted to make sure we recieved a Newer Furance without the heat exchanger problem. So by waiting we would ensure we did not get the older model from stock. Well I was also informed that Trane decided to put a High Output Blower Motor on some models, including mine. I was informed this was done to remove moisture that may form on the heat exchanger. Problem is that the Higher output Blower burns out more often then normal. I am on the 4th Blower Motor in 14 years. This Furnace was installed by Trane Factory certified contractor, was checked for proper sizing, air flow, etc. I was also told that I can not upgrade the Blower motor to an improved model due to mounting holes in my cabinet. Is this true? Please Help!!

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