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    Condensation on outside of air handler

    We had the air handler replaced a few months ago. It is in the attic and we live in Florida. We had both the original installer and a second contractor back to reseal the plenums. But we are still having a problem with the bottom of the air handler sweating. If I dry the bottom of the air handler and then go back later to look, the first place I see drops is near one of the rubber bushings that is between the top of the support rail that holds the unit up and the bottom of the cabinet (the unit is suspended on chains from the rafters).

    I have two questions. First, is that bushing a potential source of an air leak (is it screwed into the cabinet)?

    Second, am I correct to assume there should be no condensation, at all, on the outside of the air handler cabinet?

    Thanks, in advance, for any replies.

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    Nore than likely the surface of your air handler is getting colder than the dewpoint of hte air in the attic and is therfore sweating. You don;t want this to occur. Not only is it wasting energy, it can cause moisture issues and eventually rust out the unit and create cold and mildew.

    You'll need to have the installer come back and improve the cabinet insulation, usually on the exterior.

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    Was this unit by any chance upsized in the replacement process? Sweating of the air handler is more often than not an indication of an exceptionally cold evaporator coil, the cause of which could be low airflow. I've found this to be a problem with equipment that's too large for the ducts to which it is attached.
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    I don't think we upsized. But you may be correct about the problem. The area where the condensation is forming is below the coils. Thanks for the replies.

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    needs to check the static pressure on the duct work , system may have under size duct work . specially the return duct wish is very common

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