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    new goodman furnace and ac outside unit not coming on

    Goodman two stage furnance and ac ac outside until not coming on

    I installed the furnace new myself last fall and it worked very well through the winter as it should. this spring installed the ac unit (had a licensed tech do the freon and line set). The problem I am having is the compressor and fan until on the outside does not come on. It is a brand new 18 seer unit two stage. The board seems to be fine and lights up no faults. By pushing the test button on the board the compressor and fan start right up. It's almost as if the inside unit is not telling the outside unit to call for cooling. I have tripled checked the wiring and don't find anything. I am not using the communicating system so I wonder if the dip switches on the furnace are set wrong.

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    This is not a DIY site. I would call the guy that did the lineset and charging for you as he would be familiar with your setup.

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    he has no clue about this system. told me himself so he is not much help.

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    dip switch settings

    I just need to know the dip switch settings if you know

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    The manual will have the dip switch setting options. Might check the stat configuration settings as well. Call another service who is familiar with your equipment.
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    you are asking such a general question that there are too many answers to. It is kind of like you asking, " My Ford will not do X, what is the problem?"

    Yes it is a Goodman, but what model?

    Second, since you went the DIY route, probably because you wanted to save money and not pay a professional, you won't get much help here. One, it is against the site rules.
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