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    Internet slander, the irony

    i've been trying to raise awareness that the government is going haywire with their "criminal" records.
    they tell everyone to plead guilty, they give you a couple of days in county jail, then after it's all said and done, every time you apply for a job they report your name to the potential employer.
    increasingly, if an employer finds ANTHING, you don't get hired. they don't care if it's 2 years ago or 22 years ago.
    not to mention, the government is handing out felonies for the simplest "crimes".

    well , every time i mention it on the internet, everyone's attitude is "who cares?", "if the police picked you up then you can go F off and die"


    the other day i received a phone call.
    i looked up the number and it was a high-power lawyer.

    i found a report on that said he confiscated a couple of houses from someone and sold them off dirt cheap.
    to be honest, simply because the guy is a lawyer, i wouldn't answer the phone.

    what ever he wanted, i don't wanna know, ...leave a message at the beep.


    but then i thought of the irony.

    if you're running a business, especially in a small town, ...if a couple of your customers FEEL like they got ripped off...and they go on the internet to complain,
    ...your business is freaking toast.

    no police arrest.
    no trial.
    no chance at appeal.
    ...just a public record.

    how ironic.

    what it it you guys always say? "life's not fair?"

    the modern American public doesn't give a rat's ass about nothing, ...and what comes around, goes around.

    so when you lose just enough business to make your company go under, my advice is, you better have a spotless driving and criminal record when you go to apply for work.

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    About half the middle aged and older folks you see working in these convienience stores are x cons.

    I will agree with you about the spotless driving record though.....If you apply for a job where you must drive a company vehicle they want you to have a spotless record because it is better for the business as a whole with insurance companies looking at any reason to raise your rates.

    Internet slander........ I heard you can be sued for that now.

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