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    Hi all, I searched this topic and could not find anything specific to my question.

    My question is this. Does anyone make a chart or something with real numbers that shows what kind of savings you can expect if you buy a 10 seer vs 13 vs 16, etc.

    The seer numbers are theoretical, but iis there anything that says:

    If you spend $100/month with a 10 seer, you will spend 85/mo with a 13 seer and 70/mo with a 16 seer.

    That kind of empirical data is really helpful to figure if its worth it to spend for the higher seer ratings.

    My personal situation is that I have 2 ton and 2 1/2 ton first company air handlers. Rated 13 seer. According to Rheem tests, with their 13 seer condensers the system is rated at 13.25 seer.

    With their 14 seer condensers, the system is rated at 14.65 seer.

    In total, I will pay about $300 more for the 14 seer units. Thoughts?

    I mean, if it will save me $10/mo (on about a $125 cooling bill) then my payback period is about 30 cooling months. Thats about 6 years.


    Don Mei
    p.s. Im in CT

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    Saving relate to SEER and the area of the country you are in,which is mainly it runs more hours in Florida ,so savings will be greater.

    Also consider rising energy costs.

    Try this link;

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    wouldn't you know I fall right on the line of 2 zones.

    one geographic zone has a run time of 935 hrs/yr, the other has a run time of 543 hrs/yr.

    Huge difference. Fortunatly, I can plug in my own number. I used and average of 760 hrs/yr.

    It looks like about a 4 year payback period. It may be worth it.

    Just for yucks, I plugged the same numbers into a florida location. Payback period was less than 1 year.


    p.s. thanks for this site. this is EXACTLY the kind of "what-ifs" I wanted to do.

    Here are the numbers using 4.5 tons.

    Cooling - 13 seer
    Yearly Operating Cost: $ 416

    Cooling - 14.5 seer
    Yearly Operating Cost: $ 339

    Yearly Savings: $ 67
    Heating - Standard

    Increased Value of Home*:
    $ 1340
    (*Based on recent government studies)

    Energy Savings Over 20 Years:
    1 Year: $ 67
    5 Year: $ 363
    10 Year: $ 804

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