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    Hmm Trane Condenser Fan Humming & Hot

    I have a Trane Xe 900 Heatpump unit, when I turned it on today the unit was humming and the fan would not turn, I opened the top and took a look and spun the fan with my hand, I placed the top back on and the fan started to turn but very sloooow, I took the fan motor and disasembled the whole thing but while working on it I noticed that the motor was hot and the inside part was hotter(the inside parts that spin inside were there is some cooper wires and some metal bars on the side)any ideas?

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    Ummm, replace the motor and the capacitor.
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    For one, stop spinning live motors with your hands, unless you hate your fingers.

    For two, replace the motor and cap.

    You're an engineer, aren't you?

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