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    Infinity Controller AC Airflow options

    I have a Carrier Infinity 60k 58MVC 060-14

    I have an existing 2 ton Goodman Condenser

    and the Infinity Controller version 16

    I have a question as it relates to the Infinity Controller under the Setup menu. Within AC Airflow you have 3 options


    Default is set to comfort.

    I am curious with my single stage old 2 ton Goodman, what effects if any would changing it to the Efficiency setting have? It seems like it takes an awful long time for the house to cool down.

    Current stats with it set to Comfort are
    Airflow CFM 700
    Blower RPM 786
    Static Pressure .45

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    Carrier/Bryant default their equipment to 350 CFM/ton. Thus the "Comfort" default of 700 CFM for a 2-ton system. This reduction removes more moisture but if you're needs for dehumidification are less than the factory anticipates, you may benefit from speeding up the air. I'd therefore recommend you try the "MAX" setting, though you'll likely experience a higher static pressure with that setting. If you experience no appreciable improvement in comfort at "MAX", the simply return it to either Comfort or Efficiency.
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    I changed the Air Flow setting under AC Airflow to Maximum

    Shouldn't I see the Airflow CFM reading increase?

    The static also remain unchanged?


    Restarted the system and now the effects seemingly have taken effect.

    Airflow CFM 800
    Blower CFM 879
    Static .55

    Still within acceptable limits?

    Would this change lower the temp coming out of the supply(s)? Or simply increase the amnt of airflow coming out of the supply ducts?

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