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    Hi everyone,

    This may be normal but I thought I would ask.

    House built 1991.
    Two furnaces supply:
    1. 1st floor and basement
    2. 2nd floor

    The 2nd floor furnace SUPPLY ductwork runs vertically up in an "ENCLOSED SPACE", sandwiched between the garage and the dining room. The space is approximately 4 x 6 feet, normally enclosed by drywall (inaccessible).

    Yesterday I had to repair a hole in the drywall and when I removed the drywall hole (4 x 4 inches hole), I noticed an airdraft (very slight air flow), and it must be the supply ductwork because cool AC air is coming out of the hole.

    So I enlarged the drywall hole and got inside to inspect. Could not find any hole in the ductwork itself.

    Then I taped the seams (where the rectangular ductwork was joined together) using aluminum tape.

    DID NOT NOTICE ANY IMPROVEMENT: still a very small air draft (similar to the air flow created by someone puffing cigarette slowly kind of thing)

    My question is: when joining Rectagular metal ductwork together, HVAC techs usually use metal strips to join them together but rarely tape them. Is it normal to see a small amount of air leak out?

    It has not been a problem in the last 15 years so; I'd not sweat over it but thought I would ask the pros to see if it is normal to see a bit of air leak at the seams.



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    Is it normal to see a small amount of air leak out?


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