Call started off a bad compacitor then i noticed they hadnt changed there spacegaurd for a while. Got unit up and runnning and told them to leave off till i got filter next day. Replaced filter unit was running hot
Amana Rcb30c2b 10/11 seer 2.5 ton furn and a/c installed in 2004
Suc;85 @90 outside temp
Dis; 350
I Cleaned condenser which didnt seem dirty and pressures didnt change from it, also pressues and temps were fluctuating. I then reclaimed refrigerant and left nitrogen overnite

Today i was there and i took apart piston(correct size pistion) and blew everything out evacuated and recharged unit to be sure there wasnt air in the system.
95 outside
79 R/A temp 67 WB
68 supply air temp Keep in mind i didnt want to charge anymore with high head pressure fluxuating from 295-325
At 310psi 135st 115 line temp at condenser
70psi 42st 71 line temp at condenser
keep in mind my pressure and tempature readings were fluxuating as i was taking them.
Pressures should be @250 and 80 from the data sheet from unit