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    Specking Rooftop York gaspak A/C

    At one building, we are replacing an old rooftop gaspack unit, 7.5 tons cooling, 90,000 btu heating.

    We are being quoted a York ZF090N10N2AAA5. They are replacing a York with a York, like for like, presumably.

    I assume that the duct connections would require a curb adaptor to change to a different brand, so probably not worth it.

    Do these come in different grades, or is it pretty much one standard option, 13 SEER, and not much to worry about in trying to specify a particular model?

    What kind of parts/labor warranty should come with these?

    Thanks for any advice/education on how to be an informed customer.

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    There's another model a hair more efficient. And options such as economizers, different blowers, etc. Hopefully the dealer is proposing what is best for you.

    In commercial, warranties aren't as long as residential. The Predator has a 10 year parts warranty on HX, 5 year on compressor, 1 year on the rest. Most dealers give a year labor warranty.

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