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Actually its not. Not on the commercial side anyway.

People realize that its short term and will eventually damage the coils. Of course I speak for Houston but working on roofs and in mechanical rooms for 20 years Ive seen it only a few times.

That doesn't qualify as common.
We've had water hooked up with a pressure control to the rooftop condensers on 150 tons of AC on a five-story office building for years without damage to fins.

It's a matter of maintaing enough flow for the water to carry the minerals off with it, as opposed to "misting" or soaker hoses.

Most of the water evaporates on the flat roof, but some runs down the gutters....In fact, the building owner will call us (A CPA who offices there) if he doesn't see water coming out of the gutter during hot weather.

Conversely, We service a retirement home with 200+ units....we replaced about 30 of them last year under a capital expenditure, because the facility irrigation system sprays a fine mist which DOES eat the coils out over time.

I used to listen to Mark Davis on WBAP in the mornings, and would cringe when he would advertise those misting systems for home AC units. I even sent him an email about it, which of course, he never answered.