Ok, I in no way even brought up money. It is hot out and I was just trying to offer quick help. Did not mean to offend you or anyone on here. The reason I came to the post in the first place was because it was on google under HVAC help. So i was trying to respond so that there is a place to go and call for help that is close by,

I understand that you are trying to offer help and everything. A lot of people who post on here can't fix it themselves either. It is a company. So even trying to work on it themselves can void warranties.

Not sure were you are at, but if you are near Chicago, you will understand that this weather is eating people alive. I am just trying to offer help. If the installation was incorrect with the load capacity, then it may need a new unit. All I was saying is call if you need advice or help.

I never said come buy stuff from us. I said call us for anything. Sorry.