Today and the past few ones have been scorching hot outside and the temperatures inside our facility have been suffering badly.

We have several 7.5 ton units each serving one wing of the building. On days with outside temps of up to about 95F, the building seems comfortable enough and the units seem able to cope up. But when it gets to about 100F out, the hallway temps begin to rise to about 78 to 81 and everyone will of course start complaining about it.

We clean the coils regularly and we have the HVAC contractor doing regular PM's on the units. I know that these units were not designed based on these very high temperatures but I would think they should also be able to keep the building comfortable at all times.

We have replaced older units with new ones, and the contractor have just changed them with the same sizes. With these new ones being used, we're always still having this issue of not enough cooling inside on really hot weather and we would at times end up renting portable ones to supplement the cooling.

Do you guys think we should get bigger units? I don't remember our contractor having done any load calculations inside our facility, and we'll soon need to replace another one. Would appreciate any suggestions.