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Thread: Speeding ticket

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    Let him know then give him a copy of the ticket and the check you mail in so he has proof you paid it incase there is a clerical error and he is sent notice that it is not paid.

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    I you stand to be fired over a minor sppeding ticket, you are on your way out anyway. I find it hard to believe any shop would fire a skilled competent tech over a speeding ticket.

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    Well I told him. He just kinda laughed about it and called me "speedy" on my way out. For sure I'll be keeping an eye on the speedo from now on.

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    If you can spare the time off go ahead and contest it. Don't deny the speed, just tell the judge / magistrate what you told 3 in a zippy vehicle and you weren't paying as much attention as you should have...he/she might plea it down or let you off completely, especially if you have a clean record other than this. If your record is otherwise clean, be certain to politely mention that as well.

    In my county some judges pretty much dismiss all the minor stuff...I've been on both sides of that. (refer to my username)

    I wouldn't bother with a lawyer - expensive and it might just pi$$ the judge off.

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    I got a speeding ticket on the job. Didn't tell the boss. The boss found out anyway. Police officers don't notify your ins. agency. The ins. co. does random checks on employees. Since you were just hired the ins. co. may not find out for a few months, then your co. ins. will go up.
    One ticket is not that bad. By the way, your co. has a Chevy HHR for you to drive? NICE!!! I have a chevy lumina that'a easy to speed in. Not that I try to. Just a smooth ride.
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    attorneys aren't that expensive. we have one that for $30 handles the who thing. he has got me off several times. he goes down to the court with about 300 tickets and right off the bat they dismiss half. the other usually get deferred adjudication. that costs a little from the county, but off your record as long as you are a good boy. well worth the $30 to keep me from having to take off or waste other time doing it myself.
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    The law . . . . of chance

    Now watch . . . . next week you'll be involved in an accident (not your fault) with the company vehicle, the job you're on will turn into a can of worms costing the COMPANY money, your wife will find a reason to take a hike, and your kids will decide you're not their real father! Then you'll know what it's like to be a REAL man. What do you guys do when the world falls down around your ankles . . . . inhale some R22?

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