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    Building a new house can be trying at the best of times. It is the most expensive personal feat anyone can do. I am faced with in the closing hours of 70% completion in hearing the cash drawer open waiting for my cheque again.

    SO high efficiency is so detailed in a building contract.

    My builders contractor is a nice guy done good duct work etc so far.

    Now I find my contract provides a HRV and 90 achiever High efficiency Ruud furnace but not their 2 stage or modulating models upgrades.

    I assume rules of forums are not to ask nor discuss prices, but now i have to make a decsion on wether to spend more then I have already over spent on budget for all the design crap ( better lights, floors granite etc) I havent seen his price jumps yet but preparing for them next week.

    How much can I trust that there are real savings in a 3200 sq ft very open concept home in Toronto area of Canada from these? Is it just comfort I get or can I assume 5 year pay back or less of the added cost? I got the technical differneces I dont need those explained. I have brochures but would rather have someone sell me that isnt getting my money on the decision in front of me.

    Any and all help appreciated, I guess from the Ruud Rheem guys obviously in this forum. Thanks in advance.

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    In any brand, 2 stage & the Mod won't deliver on gas savings. 2 stage gives you 70% fire on low for longer run times and more comfort. The Mod has 13 stage start at 40% on low. With it, the thing runs nearly constantly in cold weather providing the ultimate in comfort. You don't turn the heat off in your car when it is cold, you just turn it down. So does the Mod.

    Now the Mod has a variable speed blower which uses a fraction of the juice of a standard motor. If you run the fan constantly there can be a $200-300 a year savings vs the standard motor used in the 2 stage or single stage 90s.

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