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    Will a portable air conditioner affect performance of my current unit (Due to possible negative pressure)?
    I am considering purchasing a Royal Sovereign portable air conditioner to help cool my upstairs bedroom at night (I like it cool when I sleep). The unit is rated at 10,000 BTU and vents out through the window, since it is a portable unit its intake air will come from the bedroom/house.

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    Sure, you're blowing several hundred CFM of nice old air out the window so that same amount of air has to be replaced. This causes several hundred CFM of hot, humid air to leak into the house through anyway it can. Cracks around doors, windows, outlets, etc. Then you have to pay to cool all this heat and remove all this humidity. I'd avoid a 1 pipe portable at all costs.

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    what Baldy said

    That, and if your central unit finds out you're doing this it might die on a 100 degree day out of jealousy.

    Consumer Reports tested some one pipe portables and found they fell way short of advertised output.

    You'd likely be much happier with a mini-split to meet this need.

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    Even a regular window/wall unit keeps the condenser unit outdoors, so there's no mixing of outdoor and indoor air.

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    The portable units are notorious for being inefficient. If that is what you really want, find one that has two pipes going out the windown, one for air in and one for air out. Still a bad choice in my mind.

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    What is a “mini-split”?

    Don’t mean to sound stupid, but what is a “mini-split”?

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