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    I was wondering if anybody has any advice. I'm about 4 months away from getting my certificate in hvac but I plan on getting an associates degree which will take about another year. The question I have is it really worth it to get the associates degree or should I go ahead and try to get a job and get some experience. I already have my universal certification and would be willing to travel almost anywhere.

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    associates = higher pay get a job in the field with your certificate then get your associates experience + associates = even higher pay

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    It depends on what u want to do,if u want to be a service tech than a certificate is what u need, If u would like to teach hvac or even start your own business than a degree is what you need.

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    again it depends on what you want to do....i was in the same situation and decided to go ahead and get my associate's degree.......but i was already in the field before i started school.......some companies won't promote you to a management position without a degree...i'd recommend that you get some experience and get your associate's i mean why not you've come this far so why not just get surely cant hurt

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