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    I use testo 317-3 for co testing. ? is a NCI3000 ok to use for a tech to test with?

    My company does not see a reason to provide the proper combustion analyzer that can also be used for a viable monoxide test for general, air stream, and of course combustion analysing. The company does not even do combustion testing. I own a Testo 317-3 and use it with fair results for general detection. I have been told to just use an NCI3000 for the same and determine if a cracked heat exchanger is a factor etc. Given the just happened death of the restaurant manager in the news nationally I'm fairly up tight and wish I had the $ to buy a proper combustion analyzer to back up my Testo 317-3, besides being able to find combustion problems as well etc. I know the old school methods and use them but I also know about checking raising Co2 along with CO that helps to quickly understand it's "Dog will hunt time now"!
    Chime in guys or am I being over paranoid???

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    The NCI3000 is a great alarm. It is not a substitute for combustion analysis and cannot be used for that purpose.

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