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    Generator running my Miller AC unit

    Hello folks, this is my first post here. I am needing some opinions/help in deciding how to run a 8000 watt rated (10k watt surge ) portable generator on my 2.5 ton Miller mobile home outside AC unit. I have read conflicting stories that it will work, it won't, it will with a hard start capacitor.

    My unit is a Miller Model msc-36E-c2. It says on the side plate - 83.5 LR amps and 17.9 RL amps.

    The breaker is rated at 40amps

    My Generator has a 30 amp 240v and a 50amp 240v reciptable

    So my question....Could I wire in a Reliance reciptable box that will accept the generator 30 or 50amp cord and trip out the 40amp house breaker, start up the generator and run the AC unit ?

    I done quite a bit of wiring in the past. Wired my 100amp garage service. Wired in a Reliance switching box for a separate generator ( 7500 w ) which workjs very well

    Your opinions and help is VERY much appreciated.


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    You can wire to the 240volt 50amp but your startup on that unit can be more than the actual running load that it is rated at sometimes up to 30% more. Once started, with the specs you gave the unit is continuous 4296watts. I have had generators not be able to handle the startup load of both 2 and 3 ton units. The generators were rated at 10000watt continuous 12500 surge.

    Good Luck

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    Thread closed, read the rules.

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