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So you are telling me that there is an issue with the people of the United States of America not being able to agree with one another?

The last time I checked we the people are the bosses of government, well there is almost always a closing of business or at least a huge downfall when your boss can't decide what to do and is constantly picking fights with all the other bosses.

Why can't we meet in the middle instead of being extreme on either side?

Extremism of all forms has historically been a bad thing....Salem witch trials...the holocaust....the crusades...the Berlin wall....Westboro baptist church...I could go on and on but I hope we all get the point.

Fighting each other will only end badly and will accomplish nothing. Until we start thinking of ourselves as united, we will have the same government...the same backwards country...and the same BS over and over.

So terms like leftist, right wingnut, conservative, liberal, are only words of division...meant to keep us confused and arguing while someone takes advantage of us. I've been guilty of using terms like these...but only after I became a member of this forum.
Perhaps the rhetoric is not helpful to the debate, to that extent I agree with you, but I'm with 6, leftist ideals simply need to be defeated.

I don't know how to get through to leftists so the debate generally turns ugly. It seems they are hell bent on giving more and more control to our federal government. Once the federal government controls how you get your healthcare, how much you can eat, what you can eat, how you save for your retirement, what kind of car you can drive, what temperature you must set your thermostat etc etc etc..you've got a situation where you must go to the mostly unelected government to ask permission for everything.
Once the government has control of enough of the population through handouts, government programs and government jobs how long will it be before there are more people who will gladly give more and more powers to the federal government because they are entirely dependant on the government for everything that sustains them?

You may think this could never happen and I say it's happening now.

Think about it this way. The right likes to elect people who want to give themselves less authority, and it seems that the left wants to elect people who want to give themselves more authority.
Human history has no shortage of so called benevolent dictators who always seem to surround themselves with a small and well funded or taken care of ruling class and a large dependant underclass who will support them because of their total dependence.
Can you say GM, UAW, AFLCIO, GE, the entire green "industry", minority groups, etc etc etc.
The entire democratic party is nothing but a sham full of payoffs, bribes government kickbacks to loyalists and corporations who are with the program. The entire stimulus package was nothing but a Obama slush fund for buying votes.
Vote for me and i'll make sure you get a government hand out, your grant, your permit, your loan.etc etc etc.