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Thread: Manifold Gauges

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    Manifold Gauges

    Currently Ive been doing mostly high end refrigerators and wine chillers, with the occasional Ice maker and walk in cooler.

    Ive been eyeing up a new manifold gauge set and everyone seems to be using the digi-cools or testo. I guess im just after a gauge set with a 3/8 charging line. Just Better has the revolver that has a brass body, ive heard that aluminum isnt so hot with burnt out systems.

    Any insight or suggestions?

    Currently just using a basic JB two valve set up

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    Question Jumbo Star from Refco?

    Have you checked out the Refco Jumbo Star? It looks pretty cool, and it has all 3/8" ports and is all brass. I recently started buying only refco class 1 gauges and I have been very pleased with them for the refrigeration work.

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