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    sounds like #1 has earned the right to your business. They have been your service provider up to this point, and unless they have done something to jeopardize your trust, then they get the nod. My only concern is that they did not perform a load calculation. Simple fix: Request that they perform a load calculation for your own peace of mind. (Never mind that it is for their benefit as well.) If that is done, and their recommendations match that of the load calc., then they would be my choice. All the best, John.
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    How many outlets do you currently have.
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    Go with #1. Your in a bind but it doesn't seem like he's using the situation to take advantage $$$ of you. Sounds like a professional to me.

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    Hmm I'm in same boat....

    I agree with xv80.... My old system went out during the once in 50 year heat wave in SoCal a few weeks ago while I was in the midst of doing all kinds of research on a replacement system. You might even find an old post of mine bragging about my 40-year old unit still going strong. I bought a couple of room a/c window units (no easy task believe me - almost everyone was sold out) and am going to live with those until fall. I want a good replacement system and I figure I need more than just a drop-in replacement so I'd like it done with some amount of care so I'm going to wait until the contractors can catch their breath a little bit. The few we've called are basically not taking any appts. for a few weeks.

    Of course, it's easy for me to say since SoCal doesn't tend to get as humid as Chicago (the past heat wave here excepted-my compressor gave out at 105F and well over 70F dew point vs 1% conditions of 92F OAT and ~60dp).

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    36 years, who maintained it? What I’m saying quality service should establish report with the customer years before system replacement. The best sales pitch and a reasonable price doesn’t guaranty it won’t be a two men and a truck, with a tail-light warranty.

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