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    Manual Dual Zone Climate system

    I am building house in Minnesota. It is 2 story house with a finished basement (so 3 floors total). Bedrooms are upstairs. My builder offers a manual dual zone climate option which would put the upstairs in one zone and the main floor and basment in another zone.

    The way it was described to me is that there would still only be one thermostat on the main floor and just somesort of a damper in the basement I could pull to isolate the air flow to either only the upstairs or only the main/basement or leave the damper open to have the same airflow to both zones. Obviously the idea would be concentrate the A/C to the upstairs in the summer and concentrate the heat on the main level/basement in the winter since warm air rises and cool air falls.

    I can't afford to do the fancy electronic duel zone option so does anyone know if this type of manual option would even work? They want to charge me $$$ for this manual option.
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    There should not be any additional cost. All of the systems we install already have dampers to regulate the airflow in the main duct lines as well as each supply run.

    I would recommend designing your the duct system with the ability to install auto zone dampers in the future to all three levels. The basement area would have it's own designated ductwork which would be a little additional cost. It just depends on how large and what the purpose of the basement is.

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