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    I'm an HVAC secretary. I've been at the same job 2 1/2 years and I run the office. Everything from electronic dispatching to bookeeping, even ordering parts & equipment. I realy need to get a raise. Does anybody know what I am worth?

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    Pardon the pun Fay, but that is a loaded question..

    Can you give us a few more details... such as what part of the country you are in... annual sales volume of the company, how many techs, how many other people in the office. Does the Boss or SSOB (boss spelled backwards) work the field with his techs?

    Also, what benefits do you receive or other allowances such as car or vacation and sick days.

    I have let Office Managers go because they weren't worth a plugged nickel although payed very well.

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    we need good office people. call 480-922-4455.

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    hey fay, we realy need good people. call 480-922-4455

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