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    No matter what company he called , i showed up

    keep in mind i'm in Los Angeles.
    there's a million homes and a 100 different AC companies.
    this guy's house is not near my house.

    about 5 years ago i was working for a sales company and i go to a house and the guy needs a condensate pump.

    2 years later i'm the only service tech at a rinky-dink company i drive up the street and it's the same house.
    this time the guy needs an inducer motor.

    about a year and a half later this guy decides to call the big-boys at Sears.
    guess who shows up?
    i said "do you recognize me?"
    he says "yeah i thought i did"
    this time his compressor is DOA and there is oil spots all over the condensor, half the charge is missing. the last i saw of him i was setting him up for some of Sears's high pressure salesman to come out and give him a replacement estimate.

    (knowing that Sears was going to lose the sale due to over-pricing, i should have told him i'd do a side job and arrived as company#4)

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    Ha! I like it. He isn't keeping track of you is he?...
    If at first you don't succeed; charge, charge, charge again.

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    small world...
    You can call me Sam

    It should be a crime to be a mechanical engineer in San Diego
    Summer Design Temperature: 83 F Dry Bulb ~ 69 F Wet Bulb (California Climate Zone 7)

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