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    Inspection Scheduling

    I had a customer get upset because he, or his tenant, had to be home to let the inspector in. He basically tried to make me feel like an a$$hole me for not coming out and waiting for the inspector all day. I tried to explain to him that if we had to do that on every job there would have to be 3 guys on staff just to wait around and let inspectors into customers homes all day every day and that you get 1 year to make time in your schedule to merely open the door for the inspector. Question #1 How do you guys coordinate inspections? Question #2 Have you ever had a customer get upset over this?
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    Never had a customer get upset. They actually like it.

    Final inspection is at the customer's availability and responsibility. Usually it is NOT an all day thing, there is a time window given.

    Really, they can't find one day to play hooky!!
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    Customers schedule the inspection. It would be too much of a headache with their, the city and your schedule.

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    Customers schedule the inspection here too. Used to be we called in a couple hours before ready to leave the job but they will only take the call from the home owner now.

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