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I don't like sub places....... everyone around here goes to subway so I am forced to go at times.....but I don't like them.

I wish they would sell light bread.....then I would have a ham and cheese with tomato and mayo. You can get a "roll" at subway.....but that's not two slices of plain old light bread.

I should go to subway with a couple of slices of bread....ask for a ham and cheese with tomato and the mayo on side..... then throw their bread in the floor and make my own sandwich with my own bread.

I bet they would try to throw me out.. Id leave..... but only before busting up the place and beating the hell out of any male employees and any customers who attempted to stop me.

Ive only ate at quiznos one time Glenn.... had a hot roast beef and cheese sandwich with mayo and mustard...... it was ok....

But again.... I just don't like the sub sandwich as a whole...... its the bread...... I want my sandwich on two slices of light bread.

Best damn sandwiches you will get are at these old country stores where they make sandwiches too.....

Some of the best work lunches I can remember were when we would get together and go to the store and buy a loaf of bread...couple of fresh tomatoes and some sandwich meat....... Id rather have a lunch like that than a steak.
I'll agree with that corny. Most subs come with an almost 2" bun and I choke on all the thick bread. I end up tearing one side of it off so I can taste the sub.

Sandwiches which you used to get at the small mom and pop grocery stores were the best like you said. Now Quiznos has thin flat bread sandwiches which are delicious IMHO. You can taste the lettuce, tomato and meat on those. Thank you very much