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    Quote Originally Posted by shaka View Post
    Degicool making Drsa for yellow jacket?
    I saw one at the supply house exactly like AK900
    Exept manifold is yellow jacket
    Diff color head

    The original YJ DRSA was, as stated, the DC 1200.

    YJ dropped DC, put out an awful set of solar gauges for a while, then took the general shape and configuration of the 1200 and made their new RSA. If I'm not mistaken, it still has the same YJ part number as the DC1200 did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpsmith1cm View Post
    I will say that the 1200 plugs (which I use) are a bit longer than the 900 plug, if I recall correctly.

    No matter what, I would not leave them connected for transportation.
    Ive been doin resi no cools and tuneups all summer, and I haven't disconnected them yet. The new velcro wire is beefier.
    I do agree, if they fell or something dropped on the plug it would break. I have a very secure spot for them in my truck.

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