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Thread: High suction?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dustykyle View Post
    Yeah I think you are right, just got off the phone with a friend from Arizona. He suggests I put a hard start kit on the condenser. He thinks that the compressor is not giving the txv enough boost to open. He had that problem with carrier coils it would give him weird pressures as well. Sometimes the unit just needs a little extra boost, to open it up. And I'm making problems that aren't their. Ie. ( o their moisture in the system. ect..)
    None of that makes ANY sense.

    Quote Originally Posted by Willserve View Post
    Yes, when your subcool is low you add more freon. The default is usually 10 unless it's stamped on unit data plate. It used to freak me out when I saw high suction pressure because I was so used to piston coils. A txv remember opens and closes as cooling demand changes. I have seen guys add freon to a perfectly charge system because suction was low (txv was closing). Before charging a system always check to see if it's a piston (charge using superheat) or txv (charge using subcool).
    I'd add to this that you should check BOTH on either type of system to fully check the system's operation.

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    [QUOTE=Dustykyle;13610611] Like I don't know what the f I'm doing.

    You said it.

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