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    wedged in freezer shelf
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    I second pelican cases. Have my tools in some of them and have used them for various other things through out the years. I even use them as suit cases when going on trips. I have a few cases that are 10+ years old.

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    Pelican case and FOD control foam is the way to go.
    When I worked on aircraft it was nice to open a tool box and see if everything was there and the foam protects tools and instruments.
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    Having a deep lid just means you need more room to have the case open ie. with the lid at just over 90° open.

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    I have some experience with SKB hard cases. My wifes keyboard and a couple of guns. Its very easy to tailor it to you needs. Cant go wrong with pelican or skb.

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    there is definately no beating on the market as far as I'm concerned. The only problem with them (really not a problem i guess) is the weight.....they are a little heavier than you might expect when you start getting into the larger ones. In my previous life, I used some BIG ones.

    and really, any case you choose, consider weight. those shipping cases you linked to are light, but that plastic can be damaged much easier than a pelican. when you get into custom cases, alot of times, they use plywood with sheet metal overlays. the size of the case dictates thickness, which of course dictates weight.

    i would start by laying out all your instruments how you would want them organized in the case. that will give you a really good idea of the actual case size needed. Don't forget to leave room for expansion, and change. nothing worse than making a perfect package, only to find that it doesn't easily adapt to change.

    Let us know what you decide......I've been kicking this idea around too.

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    Just make sure you buy a locking bike cable, or a thief will be thanking you for making it so easy.

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