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    We recently purchased a home with a trane air handler in the attic and a york heat pump outside. The age of the trane air handler is easily 25+ years old. When I attempted to locate a filter for the air handler there doesn’t appear to be one? (I have a similar set-up for my business which is much newer that has a replaceable air filter for the air handler.) In our new home there are multiple returns throughout the home with replaceable air filters. Considering the age of this unit is it possible that there wouldn’t be an air filter for this unit in the attic, and just the filters in the home?
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    Very common.

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    In a typical system set up you would have an air handler which would sit on top of a plateform which would be sealed with a return air grille that allows the air to inter the system and your fiter would be here.
    Some system that have multiple returns may be ducted back to the air handler and you could have a filter at each location and none at the unit,( but the each return needs to be ducted and sealed all the way to the air handler) or you could have one filter installed in the air handler.

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