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    Climatemaster Leaks

    Anybody else having trouble with climatemaster refrigerant leaks? No difference between genesis or tranquility units, all from about the 3 to 7 year old mark. In the past year I have had 4 black epoxy evaporators leak, 1 coax, and 2 from factory brazes. Got a few others that needed small charge during spring maintenance, yet to find the exact leaks. Maybe I'm thinking too far into it and this is typical. I geuss I have to consider the amount of geos we service that dont leak. : /

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    It has been my experiance that the major manufacturers of geo units are takeing turns learning the same lessons in regard to poor QC on outsourced parts, and controlling quality in house during assymbly.

    I was recently vindicated for a poor performing system that turned out to be a leaky coil. It was a CM unit. I allways hope that it is the law of averages, so many units out the door = a predictable number of QC issues.
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    We have had climate master units that have had leaky evap coils from new, and now the new warranty coils are not epoxy coated, also have has a bad run on txv's on water to water tranquility units, and a few leaky braze joints on the coax coils and filter dryer. i have changes probably 15 evap coils in the last 2 years, and fixed dozens of leaks, it seems that the quality had gone down lately

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    The neighbor and I both have CM Tranquility systems. Nine is 6 y.o. and his 5. Last fall he had to have the coil replaced due to a leak. Last week I had to have service out here. It seems I have a leak somewhere in my system. $400.00 to refill. They put some type of dye in to find leak. Now I have to wait till system quits again. They will then come back and fix leak. Not very happy with CM
    My question is, do I have to wait, or is there a way to find leak before all the freon is gone (and a $400 charge to refill)

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