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Thread: CFM differecne

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    CFM differecne

    100 cfm of fresh air at 65^F dew points is couple lbs. per hour and the moisture from the occupants may be couple lbs. of moisture per hour. During wet cool weather, you need to remove 3-4 lbs. of moisture per hour. The variable a/cs do not run enough to maintain <50%RH.

    I have a foamed house, now for seven years. Extreme low electric bills. Now, I want to bring in a positive fresh air to a zoned bedroom. The 150 cfm that the Ultra Aire 70 brings in is not much. Would a larger unit like the Ultra-Aire HT155h bring in enough CFM to a bedroom that I could sense airflow when standing in the doorway? I want to positive pressurize the bedroom enough to feel it, however slightly. Yet, is that realistic?

    Thank you --Roger

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    Made this its own thread. Site rules prohibit you from posting in other peoples threads in the AOP forums.
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