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Thread: Replacing hoses

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    Replacing hoses

    I replace my gauge hoses about once a year. I do installs everyday and run service so they take alot of abuse between vacuuming systems and then charging them. How often to you all replace hoses? Is it something I should just expect to do every season or are there better hoses to use? Right now I am using yellow jacket with a titanium manifold and just had a leak in a hose just after a year of using them. I hate spending the money but I will do it to make the job right. of our veteran techs just buys a new set every season to avoid issues.

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    I use a yj Titan manifold for vacuums only with the black heavy duty vacuum hoses. Had them for almost 2 years with the same hoses. Being vac only they don't get a lot of use but I have no issues at all. For charging and testing I just use my regular hoses. No major issues and don't really care about small leaks since I don't vac with them. I will occasionally flush and vac them to remove any contaminants that may be in them.

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