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    Any Idea What Is Going On??

    Thirty plus years in the a/c repair business. I have a split unit in an apartment on 3rd floor of three. Pressures were to high. Acid washed condenser & evaporator of this 1 /2 ton Goodman unit. Pressures perfect. Output air won't go below 72 degrees. Both apartments on each side, same floor deliver sixty degree air. I recovered refrigerant and weighed in exact amount of R 22. Same results. I have never had this problem before. I have to be missing something. Compressor amps good. Any help would be appreciated. This unit has got me not sleeping at night. Thanks for any help.

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    Txv? Piston?

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    Check blower amps, If they are drastically low you aren't getting good blow to the unit. While your at it check the blower wheel and make certain the blades are not caked with dirt, if its jammed full of crap the blades will become flat instead of curved so it wont throw as much air.

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    Air leaking in to return?

    Maybe the heat running at the same time? (had a hot water coil do that to me once...pressures were perfect, zero temp drop...)

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    The pressures were perfect according to what? What were superheat and subcooling? TXV or piston? Where did you measure the air temperatures?

    Put an amp clamp on it and see if a heat strip is energized. Measure temps at each end of the return and supply ducts.

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    ya what was delta t, you said 72 air but what the return air temp

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    Going to need a lot more information if you want us to be of any help.

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    Without any other info no one not even yourself will determine the problem ! Could be as simple as a "high heat load".

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