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    Trane Model Numbers - Upgrading Townhome

    Hi everyone,

    I have a townhome, approximately 1500 square feet. My existing a/c unit is original from when the house was built in 1986.

    I've had a couple of companies over to give me estimates. I'm having some difficulty finding information on the equipment quoted in one.

    Trane 1.5 Ton XB Air Conditioner M# 4TTB4024 (15 SEER)
    1.5 Ton Evaporator Coil M# HG81636

    Can anyone identify which unit and coil this is? Google hasn't helped me at this point.

    Thanks for reading and any info you can provide!

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    That AC condenser appears to be XB14 model, a 2 ton not a 1 1/2 ton.

    Off hand, I don't recognize that evap coil mdl number as being a Trane and suspect it is a third party brand. I wouldn't have it.

    See link on XB14 AC condensers.

    How do you heat?


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    Call the contrctor and ask him if you can see the ahri rating on that match up

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    Thanks for the quick replies.

    tigerdunes - The contractor told me that this model was a couple of years old, and that I would be getting a good deal on it. If it is actually an XB14 2 ton, and he mistook it for an XB15 1.5 ton, this makes me skeptical to go with this company.

    The sad thing is that they have numerous great reviews on a few sites.

    My home has a gas furnace, and is as old as the existing a/c unit. The contractor told me with the a/c and coil upgrade, future upgrade of the furnace shouldn't be a problem. I just can't afford to both at this point.

    catmanacman - I'll ask him about the AHRI rating. Thanks.

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    The coil is an ADP. Rated at 15 SEER with the 4024.

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    Thanks the info. I searched Google for reviews on ADP, and they seem to be a mid-grade semi-decent coil.

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    I would want a trane all aluminum coil its my experiance that they are holding really well i would not want the adp coil

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