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    Alerton Microview

    Hey all,
    I've got about 8 Microviews that are not working right now. I replaced the caps in one, got it to work, but the comm voltage does not adjust when I adjust the potentiometer. I tested the pot and its good. With no controllers attached I'm at 9VDC.
    With a 450 and 650 attached Im down to about 7VDC. I'm pretty certain I need to be around 15VDC to start instead of 9. Any ideas?

    Also, do the screen ends of these things go bad pretty often? Ive got a good power board end, and put about 5 of the screen ends onto that one and not a one of em showed anything.

    Any advice on repairing Alerton front ends/ controllers would also be helpful, i.e., pointing me to some electrical schematics.

    thanks in advance.

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