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    Strategy Question: Trane vs Lennox

    I am looking to upgrade an existing, but very old and underperforming, Trane. I have a toss up between two make/models of air handler and heat pump replacements. I say 'toss up' because what do I know about HVAC? Hence, I post this question to a Pro!

    Here is what was spec'd for my home:

    Lennox Elite Series - XP13-024 Heat Pump
    Lennox Merit Series - CBX26UH030 Air Handler


    Trane XR13 Heat Pump 4TWR3024C1
    Trane GAF2A0A24S21 Air Handler

    The cost difference between the Trane and Lennox systems is minimal. My question is not whether these are the right units for my home. (I trust that my HVAC consultant did the math correctly and spec'd out properly matched systems.) Rather, I want to know more about the longevity and reliability between the two. How do they compare against each other? Is one typically more costly to maintain over the years? Does one have a bad reputation over the other? Or, rather, does one model have more issues over another model in the same brand family? How do the manufacturer's warranty stack against each other?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I understand that any answers posted are your opinions only and not an indication of which replacement I should purchase. I would, nevertheless, like to weigh the opinions of others with my own. I don't know anything about HVACs, makes and models. All I know is that it should keep my house cool in the summer and warm in the winter and my existing unit does neither.

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    Pretty much same level of product from both companies. Their best 13 SEER pump with a basic air handler. Lennox has a scroll compressor, Trane has demand defrost. Both a plus features I like to see in a heat pump.

    How did they arrive at sizing? Same as before? Why didn't the old one do the job? Duct issues?

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    Given those choices, I would want the XR13 with GAM5AOB30 air handler. This air handler will get you to 12 EER, 14 SEER, and 8.5 HSPF.

    Electronic demand defrost is a big deal depending on your location.

    What size heat strip was quoted?

    New refrigerant lineset?

    New thermostat included?

    What type of system do you have now-brand, age, etc?


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    In my oppinion, if they are installed properly, both are very good systems. Im more in favor of trane strictly from a serviceability stand point. But as a homeowner, both systems will be great for your home.

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    We finished our attic and essentially added a third floor to our house. Our existing unit is a 1.5 Ton and we were told it may have been undersized before the renovation.

    We now have good insulation in the attic and some of our ducts were made bigger to distribute more air in the rooms. The rooms were always hot during the summer.

    Our existing Trane (1.5T) is 8+ years old now. We can't go with a different Trane air handler because of the existing closet size. Space is limited. It does come with a new thermostat.

    They will flush and reused our existing line set. Not sure about the heat strip.

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