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    The condenser coil is still there. The Chinese copper is so thin its transparent.
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    That's the newfangled "never-clean" coil. Saves time and expense as it is self washing and rinsing. Completely an air-over design. Should be available in a wider market real soon. I'll send you guys the brochure!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Baycienda View Post
    But I also believe homeowners will do any mean thing to save a dime...hit up the home warranty.
    Then their plan backfires because the home warranty company ALWAYS sends out a "second opinion" who cant get to you for 2 weeks, makes you pay so much in "non-covered" items, and the coil has to be ordered by the home warranty company because they wont let you just go down the street and pick it up, its got to come from halfway across the USA because they saved 30 cents on it. When the coil does show up, its either damaged or its the wrong one and then its another 2 weeks plus shipping. Then you as the contractor get blasted by the home owner because its taking too long. In the end the homeowner could have just bought a new unit. Seen it happen too many times. SOO glad to be out of the home warranty racket.
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