Overview: we just took over service on three T/S (RAE) chillers. Theese three machines take care of cooling two electric motors. Due to the way they are piped one chiller per motor and one is a standby. Apparently in years past they have been wildly neglected due to lack of knowledge by the prior company unbeknownst to the customer. The chilled water loop was very neglected (when we cleaned tanks I expected to find fish)

Two of the machines had an out of this world approach. The evap barrels are loaded with god only knows on the water side.(refrigerant in the tubes) we changed the barrel on the worst machine, which is now the best. Now that they have two good running machines they would like us to experiment with the last one and try to salvage the barrel. They sent the removed barrel out to have it analyzed for rebuild. If worst comes to worst they will buy another new barrel but they want us to try a salvage operation. In September/October all piping will be replaced and repiped with three way valves and a new massive RTAC is waiting to be started and takeover. These three chillers are to be like new for reliable backups.

What we are thinking is cutting the barrel loose and doing a massive reverse fire hydrant flush to get anything out. Then switch over to a chemical flush. I am looking for a few opinions on: What chemical will be best for crud mud busting?