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    Trane ? bait/ switch

    Appreciate thoughts help/here.

    Dealer installed 3 ton trane xl16i with 48000 btu hyperion(manufactured 4/12) and honeywell tstat that looks like trane but does not say trane.
    It would not work well. Never fully ramped up despite 3 visits. They called trane and trane said they needed to switch air handlers-that it was too mismatched- no comment on tstat used.

    So now they took out the old hyperion and put in a unit made in 2/11- looks like a hyperion but has a digital readout in addition to flashing LED's- and in only 30000btu. Same 3 ton xl 16i is being used. They called trane cause it still did not work right and they switched t stat to trand tcont 900. Now seems to run ok.


    Is it appropriate to have a 3 ton outdoor unit with a 30000 btu air handler?

    Am I being "screwed" with the replacement of a hyperion manufactured in 2/2011? Is it the same unit as a 2012 hyperion?

    Thanks for thoughts. It gonna be 100 today and all this happened yeaterday. If it cools the house, should I accept this?

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    What is complete mdl number of outside condenser?

    AC or HP condenser.

    I would want the Hyperion air handler with best performance/ efficiency numbers.

    I assume this is the 7 series.

    If that is the case, I would want the 42 size. However Both the 30 and 36 are AHRI matches.


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    Many thanks

    Outside: 4TWX6036E

    Inside: TAM7AOB30

    Really appreciate the insight.

    If these are matches, I guess I will have to see whether it does the cooling job or not.

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    yes and HP condenser. Tx.

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    The TAM7 030 air handler is a great match with the 16i 036. The 48 was not. Tiger is right, BEST numbers are with the 042 but the 030 actually does a bit better than the 036. Go figure. Not enough to worry about.

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